What I learned from my grandfather’s passing

This past weekend my grandfather passed away. Anytime something like this happens its never fun. There are certainly memories shared and lots of tears.

I’m sitting here writing this about 36 hours after he passed away and a mere 72 hours before anything was really wrong. It went too fast. It always does in situations like this. I’m not writing with an outline or some pre-thought out thoughts (those sound too serious anyway). I’m just sitting down and writing whats on my mind.

Its a lot.

While there are things in life that are always known. They are also so obvious that you seem to overlook them sometimes. So obvious, in fact, that even bringing them up may get you scoffed at because its so cliche. The one thing that was reinforced in my life is that life is, first and foremost, about your faith and family.

Without those two what do you really have?

Everyone in the personal finance community knows this. I know they do. It just gets lost in the shuffle amongst writing about investing in index funds, credit card points, budgeting and earning more.

All of those things are still important. Most of you probably don’t want to burn all of your possessions and go live with your parents because you want to spend more time with them.

Newsflash: they love you but not that much.

Its great to push yourself to earn more, save more, and lead a better financial life. Just don’t do those things in place of loving those around you and spending time with them.

Leading a financial life with a solid foundation always shows in times like these. You aren’t worrying about getting back to work. You aren’t worried about how things are going to get paid for with all the new expenses.

You can grieve. You can be with your loved ones.

A solid financial foundation buys you peace of mind. By spending so much time learning, planning, working, saving, and budgeting what you are actually gain is the ability to not think about that stuff at all when you run into a situation like this.

Thats pretty powerful stuff.

If I were to boil this post down to just one thing it’s this:

Work hard. Work very hard to get your financial house in order so that when times comes that you literally can’t afford to think about your finances, you can spend time with those you love and grieving those you’ve lost.

This has nothing to do with building a money monster with so much passive income coming in you don’t know what to do.

Just work hard to build loyalty from your employer and have some money saved away.

Thats it.

In closing, I leave you with this: get off your phone or your computer and go spend time with those you love.

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