This simple trick will save hundreds on groceries

I’ve been budgeting every expense since 2014. I’ve learned so much and have certainly had my frustrations. One of those frustrations has been with our grocery budget. It seems to go up and down without reason and is consistently trending in an upward direction. In this post I’ll share one simple trick on how to save money on groceries.

While my wife and I decided long ago that we’d invest in our health it doesn’t make a large grocery bill any easier. In this post I’ll cover how to save money on groceries.

The grocery budget

The grocery budget is one of those things I feel has a high learning curve. I know what some of you are thinking, are you kidding me? 

If it were just buying for me I could definitely handle that. However, throw in two children and all the events we attend it is no easy task planning a grocery trip each week.

While my wife and I share a lot of responsibilities around the house we each certainly have our own things. We definitely discuss our budget.

One of these for my wife is the weekly grocery trips. Because of this I’ve never asked too many questions. I try and understand why the bill goes up but, largely, just stay out of it. I realize I’d be in over my head if it ever got thrown at me so just appreciate the fact that she does it.

Even if that is the case its still a big driver of our current budget. I always read about how you need to get the big three expenses right. Those expenses are housing, transportation and food. 

Overall, we knock the first two out of the park. On the food front I do think we do a tremendous job. Its certainly not easy but my wife does a great job.

how to save on groceries

The grocery budget magic bullet

I’m a firm believer in if its too good to be true then it probably is. However, I’ve found something that, if implemented correctly, is sure to lower your grocery budget.

Believe me I’ve tried a lot of things within my budget. I’ve researched how to save money on groceries.

This magic bullet is online grocery shopping.

How to save money on groceries by shopping online

You might be thinking, come on man. Its not that simple. However, it is. To others of you it may be a little intimidating to try and shop for groceries online.

Let me be the first to tell you, its really not too difficult. If you are comfortable shopping on amazon via an app then you should be alright.

I’d recommend doing some online searching to discover who may allow this in your area. I know I’ve personally seen Kroger, Walmart and Meijer all offer this. 

how to save on groceries

The advantages of grocery shopping from home

Grocery shopping from home has several advantages. I’ve personally experienced these and do think that grocery shopping from home is one of the easiest levers you can pull to lower your grocery bill. Lets dive into the biggest advantages I’ve experienced.

It saves you time

While you still need to do your grocery shopping it doesn’t require you to go to the store and walk around. In the times I’ve went with my wife there is definitely a certain amount of wandering down each aisle deciding what you need or if you forgot anything.

It avoid impulse purchases

The grocery store makes a good amount of money from impulse purchases. I see it all the time and shopping from home avoids this. I’d imagine that roughly 3-5% of your grocery spending is on impulse purchases.

Even if I’m wrong about every other advantage wouldn’t it be nice to just shave a few percent off your grocery budget?

Requires planning

This is one of my favorites. Because you are doing your shopping at home you are in an environment conducive to taking notes and thinking through your week. Just by taking yourself out of the chaos of the store you can think rationally about what you need.

I hope I’ve convinced you that you need to start doing your grocery shopping from home. It really is great and I can guarantee you’ll save money.

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