Persistence is always the key

If you know me at all you know that I’m a systems guy. I like my spreadsheets, I like my checklists, well you get the idea.

Right now, I’m just over it. Over the last couple weeks my kids have been sick, I’ve been sick, I’m recovering from an injury, and the cherry on top is that I haven’t been sleeping.

Its just one of those stretches in life that we all go through that just try and kick us down.

You don’t really feel like getting up. I don’t feel like getting up. You’ve always got to remember, persistence is always the key.

When my daughter woke me up at 3:30 this morning I knew I was up for the day. She went back to sleep. Me? Not so much

There are two things I do in these situations to do my best to push through.

Realize the difficult times make you stronger

As you know, I read a ton. In fact I think I just read my 200th book since January of 2012. This means I’ve read a lot about several very successful people. The one thing that always happens to them is they get knocked down.

It doesn’t matter what you are chasing after or what you want to achieve they get knocked down. The successful ones keep getting up. The unsuccessful ones?

persistence is always the key

Well I hope they don’t complain about their daughter waking them at 3:30 in the morning!

My mindset when things aren’t going as well as I’d like is realize that this moment in time is making me stronger.

The harder things are going, the harder I’m getting as a person.

Remember your why

I read through the vision for my life at least once a week. Its what keeps me going at times. Its why I wake up at 5am every week day morning.

I’d much rather sleep in. I’d much rather not go running or work on getting better every day.

The reason I don’t? I realize that every day I don’t do these things is a day I’ve wasted not doing what truly matters to me. The vision for my life is as clear as I can make it.

I talk about who I want to spend my time with, what I want to spend my time doing and how I want to lead my life.

It all seems so great. It seems like I can just stretch my hand out and grab it. What I always remember is that there is a lot of work between myself and that vision.

A lot of early mornings. Significant amounts of work. Pushups, situps and burpees out the wazoo. You know what?

Its all worth it. It will be worth it for you as well. You’ve just got to stick with it.

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