Net Worth Update #3: September 2018

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Truth be told, I do these net worth updates for myself. Hopefully there is something in each of these that you can take away. For a quick primer about the various categories and why I do things the way I do you may want to check out this post on how I added 250k to my net worth in 7 years. Last month saw an increase and its the same for this month.

I’m continuing to put in the work and focus on the process. Net worth is such a crucial number to me because it ensures I’m marching in the right direction. Here is what my net worth looks like at the moment:

3 Takeaways from this month

While its certainly great to see an increase I realize that most of it is not in my control. In the longer term my habits and actions will dictate the general direction of my net worth but not so much in the short run.

The first big thought from this month is that my net worth keeps following the trend of the stock market. With nearly 100k invested between retirement and 529 my net worth would take a big hit if the stock market dropped 30% or more. It will be interesting to see what the personal finance blogosphere looks like when this happens.

My second big takeaway is that the housing market in my area continues to go bonkers. If you didn’t know I sold my house for ~30% more than I paid for it after living in it for 5 years. That was just about 2 years ago and I thought the housing market was at its peak.

Its a good thing I’m not trying to time the housing market, the stock market, or anything else for that matter.

My home equity keeps riding up, up and up. While its not liquid its still an asset that I’m controlling (for the bank) so want to capture it in my calculations.

My biggest takeaway from my net worth changes

My biggest takeaway from this month is that the second biggest driver of my net worth growth is directly from my cash savings. This is huge to me because that is what I can control. Yes I put money in my retirement and 529 each month but its the cash that I directly control and keep a close eye on.

Between 529, HSA, retirement and cash I try to save about 2,000 -2,500 per month. I realize that this monthly number is the biggest single driver of my wealth. Its my biggest single focus each month.

Why I’m ready for a stock market crash

Its weird to say but I feel that I’m preparing for a stock market crash. No I’m not timing the market. However, I do have nearly 50k in cash. Most of that is reserved for my family’s emergency fund but a portion of that is really just waiting on me to decide what to do with it.

Right now I’m more focused in other areas of my life. However,  if the stock market did take a plunge I would change my focus. This would probably entail digging in deep to figure out what I wanted to do with that money. That sounds weird right?

I’m just more focused on tracking my spending every day, growing my career and getting this blog going. That focus my change if the stock market crashes because then my opportunity costs change.

Regardless, I’m going to continue focus on the process and let the outcomes take care of themselves.


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