Emulating Walt Disney to develop my life plan

life plan

We’ve all heard of Walt Disney whether it be because of movies, theme parks, characters or all of the above. The more I read about Walt Disney this was not an accident. Lately I’ve been writing about having a life plan. Does anyone actually do this?

The image above was put together by Walt Disney himself. Its Disney’s corporate strategy as of 1957 and his version of a life plan but for Disney itself. Here is a link to more info. At the time of putting this together Mickey had been around for a while but it was 14 years before the first park would open up.

Think about that for a moment. Walt Disney largely followed the same plan for quite some time continuing to chase down the same vision. Seeing Walt’s version I wanted to think through¬† my own “Disney”.

What will my life look like financially? How will that affect my lifestyle? Here is my life plan broken down into different areas I want to focus on at different stages of life. Its all about growing that money monster and keeping the focus in the right area.

I broke this down into 5 stages. I think I will focus on each one of these areas for 5-10 years to try maximize the potential out of it.

Focus 1: The gap between my income and expenses.

Most people wouldn’t think of this first but I want to optimize my monthly cash before moving onto to much. Over the past 7 years in the real world I’ve done this as much as I think I can. Its not perfect but it would take a significant investment of my time to get too much better.

Focus 2: Investments

I started investing in my 401k as soon as I could. Next, I dug into what I should be investing in through resources like JL Collins stock series and read a lot of books to ensure I felt comfortable with my plan of investing. Right now I have a 401k, Roth 401k and Roth IRA where I stash my money for retirement.

While I may revisit this one when I start investing in taxable accounts, I am considering this one complete for now.

Focus 3: Digital Assets

This blog is my introduction into this area. I want to learn how to start and grow an online brand in hopes that I can do it for this website as well as others. I may start others or may acquire others.

My hope is that by spending 5-10 years in this space I can become a master at it and be able to grow some income on the side.

Focus 4: Real Estate

I wont dig int this one for 10-15 years but think it will eventually be a key piece of my net worth. While many view real estate as a way to grow your net worth and create passive income, I’d rather do that in other ways like growing my income or digital assets.

I view real estate as a way to take some risk off the table and create monthly income.

Focus 5: Business Assets

This one may never come to fruition but I hope it does. I hope that by the time I’m ready and able to retire (around 50-55) I will be able to start my own business and cash in all the knowledge, experience, and net work I have obtained throughout my career.

There you have it. Thats my plan as of now. Its not exact but it does show me one thing. I need to put in the work on this website. Right now everything else doesn’t matter. Real estate doesn’t matter, other business interests don’t matter, and I need to focus.



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