Leveling up in life.

I had a birthday last week in which I turned the big 3-1. As I look back on the last 31 years I feel like each year is better than the last.

I work hard every day to get better and stay strategic in my decision making and the use of my time. Now that I’m at level 31 in this game called life I’m confident this year will be the best year yet.

I’ve made countless mistakes through the years but strive to not make the same mistake twice. For this next year I’m doubling down on the keys that continue to be challenging and forge myself into the person I want to become. This time next year I hope I can say the year was filled with:

More focus

When I had my first child I cut my responsibilities down significantly. Its crazy what can happen when we feel like we must.

Over this past year I’ve done the same. I stopped tinkering around the edges and went all in. I think the backbone of it all is my daily routine. My daily routine consists of working on my blog, staying in shape mentally, physically and spiritually. I go to work, put in a focused chunk of time and then spend the evening as a father and a husband.

Am I making incredible leaps and bounds in any one area of my life? No I’m actually not. What I’ve elected to do is choose a pace that pushes me but doesn’t exhaust me. Its something I can keep up with for the foreseeable future and will allow me to get where I want to go.

The thing most people don’t realize is that you can be a rockstar in multiple areas of life. The key is you must narrow your focus and be committed to excellence in those areas for the long term.

Getting out of my comfort zone

 This is an interesting one. Right now I’m training for a half marathon and its been challenging. However, I don’t really think its pushing me out of my comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong its definitely hard and has pushed me to a certain extent. However, in my 32nd year of life I think my comfort zone needs to be pushed in two specific ways.

The first is really in net working. I find it so difficult to reach out to people that I’d like to have a conversation with. I’ve started doing it but hope it can become more of a regular thing. I truly enjoy sitting down with someone and having a thoughtful discussion. Thus far I’ve probably spoken to a half dozen leaders from my area. Each conversation is special in its own way and I walk away from each feeling refreshed.

The second area that I need to get out of my comfort zone is actually related to this blog. The name that this blog is written under is actually not my real name. I think the time to tell my friends, family and community about this site is getting closer. 

More discipline and more hard work

Several months back I went to a leadership event put on my Jocko Willink and Echelon Front. I had several key takeaways but walked away with a reemphasized feeling that discipline and hard work are two keys to my future success.

I realize there are several keys to my future success but discipline and hard work are two of only a few that I actually control. As I write this its 5:11am and hope that there is a lot more of this early morning writing to come over the next 12 months.

If you haven’t been a reader for too long you should know that I believe putting in the work may be the single most important variable in reaching your goals. 

As I look to add more focus to this year I desperately need it to come with discipline and hard work. The combination of disciplined work with a narrow focus seems like a combination that can only lead to great things.

Every day I wake up hoping to become a better, harder version of myself and I truly believe that I’m on that path. Some days are better than others. On those days when I want to stay in bed all I need to focus on is staying on the path.

Next time this year I hope I can look back and say that I squeezed everything I could out of level 31. I don’t know how many levels I have left but I want every day to be magical.