My daily routine

daily routine

Last week I tweeted Chief Mom Officer how she does it all. Her daily routine has to be insane to tackle all that she does. Just from her blog I know she has her blog, is the breadwinner in her household, has children and a husband that has had health issues in the past.


Shoot, her coworkers (who aren’t all aware that she’s a blogger) even ask her how she does it. I know how much time it takes to have an active blog and frankly just don’t know how she does it all.

Chief Mom Officer’s Response

CMO responded with this post. Needless to say I was pretty blown away. A few takeaways for me personally:

  • She gets up super early. She mentions that 5am is LATE for her. Wow. While I see 5am regularly (I got up at 5am today) I definitely wouldn’t call it late.
  • She is tackling stuff all throughout the day. She jumps on twitter to share some thoughts or checks out her blog.
  • She’s realizes that she tackles a lot and doesn’t feel like everyone needs to follow in her footsteps

Question at the bottom of her post

At the bottom of her post she made this comment:

I’m honestly perplexed why I get asked this question repeatedly. Do people ask men this question?

I can’t speak for others CMO but I know I ask everyone this question. I am constantly trying to learn from others, sharpen my sword and mirror those that seem to be further down my path in life.

I don’t care if you are a man or a woman. There are so many successful individuals that I’ve gleaned advice from, read their book or listened to a youtube talk.

CMO thank you so much for your post!

A nugget of wisdom

Whether you want to be life CMO, your parents, your boss or anyone else in life I wanted to share a piece of advice I’ve picked up along the way:

The only thing you should measure your actions against are your ambitions.

I’m a follower of Gary Vee and in this video (I highly recommend you watch) he says:

If you’re asking for a 1% life then you need to do 1% things.

What he meant is if you want to sit on a beach while a company you started makes a million dollars without lifting a finger then you’re going to need to put in the appropriate amount of work before hand to create this scenario.

Too many people I see and know want to life in a huge house, drive nice cars and have amazing things and still only want to work 35-40 hours a week.

The key takeaway is not to take up super early and work 100 hours a week. Its for your actions to match your ambition.

A great example of this is Chris over at Keep Thrifty. He took a mini retirement at a pretty young age so that he could spend more time with his family. Good for him! His plan and actions are matching the life he wants to lead.

I want to build this blog into something that can help millions of people (thats a little scary to write down). I realize its going to be a long road and I’m going to have to put in the work.

My daily routine

Now onto my daily routine! Because I don’t travel for work too much I’m able to have a very consistent routine that doesn’t vary too much unless the kids decide they dont want to sleep during the night. I split my day into 4 chunks.

Chunk 1: 5am – 8am, Me time

This time of day is all about me. I get up early, spend a few minutes gathering myself and either reading the bible, praying or meditating. By 515ish I’m at my computer working on my blog. Usually this means doing SEO research, writing or trying to figure out pinterest!

By 630ish I’m ready to workout. This mostly consists of running or doing some body weight exercises for now. I’m going to buy a power rack here towards the end of the year so I can start lifting again.

By 7 or so its time to grab some breakfast, get ready for work and head out. I only have a 12 minute commute which is super nice. I also hope the kids wake up before I take off. If they do there are lots of hugs, kisses and snuggles to go around.

Chunk 2: 8pm – 5pm, Work time

One thing I’ve done really well is made it clear to my boss and coworkers is that I’m out the door at 5pm. If its an emergency I will of course stay late but I’d rather work from 10pm to midnight or come in really early the next day than miss my family time.

My work is pretty laid back so I can’t remember the last time I had to stay past 5 to knock out some work stuff.

Between these hours I’m spending nearly all my time on my work. During lunch I’ll do a few personal things but, overall, my work is my focus.

Chunk 3: 5pm – 8pm, Family time

I get home about 515 or so and the kids are always waiting. It may be my favorite few minutes of the day. We have dinner, hang out and the kids are pretty much always in bed by 8.

Chunk 4, 8pm – 10pm, Wife time

The first thing my wife and I do is clean up the house. After a day with two little ones there is always a mess. We clean up and then catch up on the day. We’ll use this time to touch base on life and catch up on anything we may not have shared with each other.

Sometimes its been a long day and we’ll just turn on netflix and just relax.

It starts with vision

While I could certainly cram more in more day I’m really happy with the rhythm I have in life. Where I spend my time matches my priorities, which for me, is a great indicator of success. I get to spend time on myself (blog or working out), my work, my family and get to wrap up each day with my wife.

The first step for to get here was having a clear vision for my life and then putting in the work to take steps towards making it a reality.

Well there you have it! There are some nuggets of wisdom along with my daily routine. If anyone would like to share on my blog how they spend their time I’d love to give you that opportunity, just let me know!

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