Celebrating 1 year as a blogger

I’ve done it. I did something I was determined to do and its finally here. Today marks the day I can say I’ve spent 1 year as a blogger. I’ve put up a blog post every week for an entire 12 months.

To some this may seem like a small accomplishment. However, its a big milestone for me. Prior to starting my blog my MBA had my full focus. That MBA had me working from January of 2015 thru February of 2018. Over three years.

I immediately replaced that time with this blog. After way too much research I finally jumped in with my first post in August 2018.

I’m not going to lie, the results have not been what I was expecting. I have grown a lot more than I would have anticipated but the pageviews aren’t what I was hoping for.

Regardless, I have no plans on stopping now. In some parts of life its about staying patient and that is exactly what I plan on doing.

My Top Posts after 1 year as a blogger

Given that I’ve got 50+ posts on my site now I wanted to highlight the few that have gotten the lion’s share of attention.

It’s crazy to think about the fact that I’ve spent 1 year as a blogger. I’ve certainly learned a lot.

What I’ve learned as 1 year as a blogger

It’s been a tough year. I have certainly thought about hanging it up multiple times. I always just tell myself one more post. Keep chugging along. Over the course of the year I think I’ve learned three very important lessons.

Patience is more important than I thought

While I’ve got a vision for my life I forget that I’m measuring success in years. When you do that it makes for a lot of days of work.

My vision for this portion of my life is to be making 10,000 a month 9 years down the road. How amazing would that be? Given the fact that I’m only 10% of the way to my original 10 year goal, it really puts things into perspective.

I think putting things into perspective makes me realize this is not going to be easy.

Over the next year I hope I can keep the same mindset. 

At some things in life its about survival. If you do that long enough, you’ll look around and realize you are in the 1% that are still standing.

It’s not just about writing

I spend the majority of my time writing. Oftentimes its because I just need to keep pushing out content. 

This doesn’t leave a lot of time for other things. However, those things are just as important as writing. Even if I have the greatest content no one will read if it I don’t get the word out.

In this upcoming year I look to spend more time on the marketing side of the blog.

Even though its not just about writing I’d say my writing skills have gotten considerably better. I’d say my average post is ~1,000 words. Which means I’ve written north of 50,000 words in the last year. Just another example of just putting in the work.

Am I crazy or is that a lot?

Discipline is my competitive advantage

During one of my MBA classes we learned about competitive advantage. Specifically the fact that all great businesses have one.

If a business doesn’t have one then they won’t be around for long. I hadn’t really thought about mine as an individual until I was having a conversation with an ultra successful entrepreneur I know.

I told them it took 3 plus years getting my MBA. It was online so there was no one looking over my shoulder. His first response was, “you’ve got tremendous self-discipline”. And there it was.

Discipline is my competitive advantage.

Now that I’ve laid out my vision, and I’ve narrowed my focus I know I’m going to stick with this. Sure, I haven’t had as much success as I would have liked but thats ok.

I know I’ll be here when this time rolls around next year. I hope I see you here too.