Where it all began

In the summer of 2011 I married my high school sweetheart and we were ready to live a life full of happiness. I soon realized there would be a little debt mixed in to the tune of $70,000 between student loans and an auto loan.

I quickly realized we had a long road ahead. Given I’m an engineer I knew I needed to learn as much as I could, put together a plan and execute it.

The wake up moment

I soon stumbled across Dave Ramsey and his baby steps. I loved the simplicity of it all. Immediately my focus in life was paying down our massive debt load. Given that we lived in the midwest, didn’t own a home, or have any children we were able to make significant progress. My entire goal was to live off of my income and utilize my wife’s to pay down debt.

Around this same time I discovered the personal finance blogosphere and read everything I could. I became a learning machine through dozens of books and a countless number of blogs. From that knowledge, a lot of luck and some hard work we were able to grow our net worth 250k in the first 7 years of adulthood.

What this blog is about

When I first started out in personal finance I thought cutting my expenses to the bone would be the best way to wealth. I quickly realized stressing out about an occasional Starbucks coffee was no way to a happy life.

As I made progress on my financial journey I realized the two keys to my success were growing our household income and fully understanding my spending. Slowly increasing the gap between what you make and what you spend is where the magic happens.

Growing your income is about having the right mindset, putting in the work and having patience. Having success is simply about aligning your work ethic with your ambition.

Understanding your spending is about budgeting and tracking your expenses to ensure where you spend your money aligns with how you want to spend your life. These are the key tenets to this blog and what I write about most.

What’s with the money monster and the EAT acronym?

The EAT acronym stands for Earning, Automating and Tracking. These are the keys to my success and I know they can work for you. 

A key growing your net worth is giving your money a chance to work with you. For me this is my money monster. I envision my money monster taking the investments I feed it and going out into the world each day and earning more money.

Feeding my money monster could entail index funds, real estate, businesses or a whole host of things. You’ll learn about these things with me along the way. All I know is my goal for my money monster to one day be the breadwinner of the house.