Success is on you not your fancy laptop

My daughter and I do so many fun things together. Oftentimes we can turn a chore into a fun game. Part of it is because she likes to “work” with me. Whether we are fixing something around the house, pulling weeds or sweeping the garage she wants to do it with me.

Whenever we are doing a task individually she quickly picks up on the fact that I’m usually more productive at the task. Her immediate response is to ask for my broom, screwdriver or tool.

Her, like so many others of us, believe that the tools, not the person, are what get the results.

It took me a long time to figure this out

Unfortunately, it took me a long time to figure this out. I used to dream about having the greatest laptop, cell phone, etc. I used to envy those that got new things.

As I write this I guess that makes me a little strange. The reason I wanted something new is to be more productive as to just having the nice things. Is that how other people think? Maybe thats why I’d rather have a new laptop than a nice car or a huge house? 

Getting back on track, it took me way too long to realize its the person not the tools.

I’d upgrade my phone every so often to “be” like the successful people. Guess what?

The work was still there. It didn’t get done any faster. I wasn’t automatically a millionaire.

Why do we think this?

Its quite an interesting thought to contemplate. Why does my daughter automatically think that my broom is the reason I’m outperforming her.

Better yet, why do adults think that? I see it all the time. As I just discussed, I subconsciously thought this until a few years ago.

In my opinion, the reason we think this is because it gives us an out. It makes success or our dreams out of reach. It puts the responsibility on something outside of our control.

If only I had the greatest laptop, cell phone, car, office, etc then I’d be successful too. At least thats what I thought. Now?

I know success takes early mornings, late nights, and just plain work.

Most people don’t want to put in the work

Notice I didn’t say outworking. This isn’t a competition against everyone else. Its a competition against yourself and where you want to be.

How do we become the person that has the better tools

Now the question is, how do we become that CEO, amazing dad, husband or entrepreneur that each of us want to be?

Remember its the person not the tools. So what do we need to develop in ourselves to become that person? After a little thought I came up with four things that I see in successful people.


While this may not be something you may think of, I think patience is vitally important. Do you want to know why?

Getting where you want to go is going to take decades. Think about it this way: If getting where you wanted to go only took a few weeks worth of work, would you feel accomplished when you got there? 

Wouldn’t you get there and see everyone else you know?

The point is that achieving rare things takes a tremendous amount of time. People often forget this. They want things now and then aren’t satisfied when they do happen to get them.

Success takes time.


I’ve written about the power of discipline before. Essentially you need to make the cornerstone activities. If you have to force yourself to wake up early, work out, eat healthy, etc every day then you won’t have enough mental energy left to get anything else done.

Just dream with me for a moment. What if you made it a habit to eat healthy every day? What if, instead of viewing food as something to delight in, you viewed food as a means of fueling yourself?

Wouldn’t you eat healthier? That would lead to a healthier you, more energy, and a laundry list of further effects.

It all comes back to discipline.


To be ultra successful people you can’t change course every time something shiny comes up. You have to know what you want and stick with it.

Don’t lift your head up. Don’t change course because the shiny ball is, well shinier. Only change course when you must. The more changes you make the harder it is going to be to reach your goals.

Work Ethic

I’ve saved the best for last. Work ethic is the true equalizer. Anyone can talk a big game about what their dreams or goals are.

What do those people do about it? Do they get after it every day or do they sit on the couch and watch Netflix?

I’ve seen what I consider to be the greatest example of work ethic in my own father. I took that work ethic and made it through a very challenging school. Whether I like it or not I was known for my work ethic in school.

With just work ethic you can accomplish more than you could ever imagine.


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