Whats your most important thing? Find it and FOCUS on it.

find your one thing

As I look to next year I realize I’ve got a lot of objectives in front of me. Here is my post on how to make the most of your 2019. As I’ve written about before, I realize I’m going to have to put in the work. However, life is never that simple. Its important for myself, and you the reader, to really ask yourself the questions “What is the one thing I can do that would make achieving my vision more possible?”. Find your one thing.

I realize thats quite a question to ask yourself. I also realize that’s not an easy question to answer

When everything is important

This is probably whats going on in your head:

“Well I need to start setting a budget to get on track financially.”

“I should also start working out a bit more.”

“My wife and I sure could use some more date nights.”

Believe me. I’ve been there.

find your one thing

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A single domino can knock over another

A great book I recommend reading, The 1 Thing, preaches the importance of focus. While I’ve always heard the saying, if everything is a priority then nothing is, it really only hit me recently. In 2017 I was struggling to work extra hours, stay in shape, get an MBA, remodel a house and start a blog (not this one) and I got burnt out in a big way.

One of the ways the book gets this point across is talking about a lead domino. They talk about how a single domino can knock over another domino double its height (working from memory here). Their thesis, which I agree with wholeheartedly, is that if you focus on your effort on a single area it has the potential to help knocking over other things in your life.

What did I do in my situation?

I started dropping responsibilities. The MBA had to stay. The blog got thrown out. The house remodel got prioritized a little differently. I put a pause on staying in shape. Guess what happened?

Life got a lot better.

I was able to knock out my MBA work much faster and the house remodel drug out a little more than originally planned. Both got done. I then was able to make my fitness a priority again.

find our one thing

Find your one thing

I can’t recommend enough putting some thought into this. It really is great to have the high ambitions. To shoot for the stars!

It all means nothing if you don’t have the right foundation.

I say that because its true. If you truly want to get where you want to go you can’t rely on will power. You can’t force yourself to do something day in and day out without slipping up. It has to become ingrained in you. Make it a part of who you are.

Implementation in 2018

I practiced this mindset in 2018. Every few months I would think through what is the habit or two (yes I even continue to screw this up) that would make the biggest improvement in my life at any given time. The one that comes to my most easily is tracking my spending every single day.

If I track it and update tiller every day it takes all of 2 minutes. If I wait a week then that time goes up exponentially. Not only am I categorizing everything but I have to search my email for purchases or check my calendar to see where I could have made a purchase.

I used the way of life app to track if I updated my budget every single day. Guess what happened in the months where I was disciplined and updated my budget the vast majority of the time.

I spent less money.

To this day updating my budget is the most important thing I can do with my finances. 

Implementation in 2019

As I look at all I want to accomplish in 2019 it didn’t take me long to pin point what that first domino should be. With so much to tackle I need to stay disciplined throughout the year. There are multiple routines & habits that I need to put in place.

Any one with kids will know that this is very difficult to do. With all that being said the first domino for me is:

waking up at 5am.

Thats it. It sounds simple (but early) doesn’t it? Of all the habits and objectives I”m pushing for this year I believe that I can get out of bed they are significantly more likely to happen. I’m already a morning person but have decided to take a few steps to formalize my efforts. If you are interested here and here are a few resources I’ve leaned on to help me.

find your one thing

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Steps I’m taking

  1. Utilize the way of life app to track how many mornings i’m out of bed at 5
  2. try and establish a nightly routine that gets me to bed and asleep by 10.
  3. Set everything out the night before so I can hit the ground running.

Over the years I’ve learned that the difficult things to do sound so simple.

Its hard to say but my entire 2019 may be riding on whether or not I can get out of bed.

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