49 Book Recommendations

I’ve spent a lot of time recently on books. Whether its why I read 38 books last year to some apps and resources I use to not break the bank reading so much, I have always spent a lot of time on books. With all of that said I wanted to share some book recommendations. While I think its important to discover books on your own, I hope these book recommendations give you some to add to your list.

A little background

At the time of this post I will have read just shy of 200 books over the last several years averaging about a book every two weeks. As you’ll find below the main categories of books I read are business, personal finance, biography and personal development. Over the past year I’ve become fascinated with military books.

The primary motivation behind the military books is because individuals in the military are prime examples of the benefits that unmitigated self discipline can have on someone’s life.

Without further ado, here are my 49 book recommendations!

Book Recommendations



2. Steve Jobs

3. Snowball

4. The Everything Store

5. Grind it out

6. Elon Musk

7. Sam Walton: Made in America

8. The Operator

9. No Hero

10. Shoe Dog

11. The first Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt

12. Unbreakable

Personal Finance

13. Think & Grow Rich

14. The Millionaire Next Door

15. One Page Financial Plan

16. The Richest Man in Babylon


17. Common Sense On Mutual Funds

18. Money:Master the game

19. Unshakeable

20. Boglehead’s Guide to Investing

21. Aspirational Investor

22. 4 Pillars of Investing

23. Rich Dad Poor Dad

24. Devil Take The Hindmost

25. Millionaire Real Estate Investor

26. Random Walk Down Wall Street

Self Development

27. The Servant

28. Relentless

29. The Compound Effect

30. The One Thing

31. Chop Wood Carry Water

32. Measure What Matters

33. Mindset

34. Do the Work

35. Unbeatable Mind

36. Dichotomy of Leadership

37. So Good They Can’t Ignore You

38. Discipline Equals Freedom

39. Living with a seal

40. Man’s Search for Meaning

41. The alchemist

42. 10X Rule

43. Extreme Ownership

44. The Art of Work

45. Grit

46. The Obstacle is the Way

47. 12 Week Year


48. Zero to One

49. Innovator’s Dilemma

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