4 tips on how to plan new years resolutions

Its hard to believe we are at the end of another year. Not only are we coming to the end of another year but another decade. In this post I’ll touch on how to plan new years resolutions, discuss my progress in 2019, and share what I’ll accomplish in 2020.

New years resolutions are something I really enjoy setting. Each year around Thanksgiving I get ultra reflective and start thinking through my life, what I’ve accomplished and what the future still holds. I’ve been setting new years resolutions for several years now. I’ve yet to get it perfect but do keep getting better.

Below are 4 tips I’ve learned and continue to hone on how to plan new years resolutions.

How to plan new years resolutions

New years resolutions have such a bad connotation. A lot of people set them but about a month into the new year they are pretty much forgotten about. Below are some lessons I’ve learned (the hard way) that, if followed, will make your new years resolutions more likely to hit.

Keep new years resolutions simple

When someone sits down and thinks what they want to accomplish it can quickly get out of hand. They have visions of grandeur about the types of things they can accomplish this year.

Maybe they want to write a book, run hundreds of miles or have a successful business by year end. Its best to keep your resolutions simple. You have to remember, life is still going to be happening around you. Unfortunately it won’t be possible to just work on your new years resolutions or goals.

how to plan new years resolutions

Keep the list short

This has been the hardest lesson for me to learn. At the beginning of every year I always have a lengthy list of things I’m going to accomplish. I usually start out strong on all fronts but then slowly slip on some of them because there are just too many.

You see I split out my life into a number of areas, I think 7 was the last count. If I set just 2-3 goals per area that means I’ve got over twenty items I’m tracking. That seems a bit insane as I write it.

The hardest thing that it always comes down to is that I want to accomplish so much more. It just so happens that by focusing on everything, I’m not able to focus on anything and get nothing done.

Understand if its a habit or an event

There is a tremendous difference between trying to form a habit and just check the box on something. When you set your new years resolutions you need to keep this in mind. If you are going to try and create 8 new habits out of thin air this year, I would highly recommend you scale it back.

I’d focus on 4 new habits at a maximum. This would give you no more than one to focus on per quarter which seems like a good amount.

Find a way to track them

This is one that people forget about. They write down their new years resolutions, sit back and get to work.

Its great that you are focusing on the work but its so vital to know where you are at relative to your goals. I’d highly recommend using some type of tool to help you track your progress. If its a habit I’d recommend using the “Way of Life” app. Its free and simple to use. There are a number of others out there as well.

Its so important that you find a way to track your progress. If you don’t know where you are at relative to your goal how will ever know when to speed up or slow down?

My Wins in 2019

I had several wins in 2019. Its great to look back on a year and see things highlighted in green (meaning success). I had some big wins in 2019 but still fell short of my goals.

My biggest failure of 2019

My biggest area of failure for 2019 was in regards to this blog. I definitely overestimated what I could accomplish in a year. I actually don’t know if I’ll hit my 2019 goal by the end of 2020.

I’m going to give myself a pass on this one. I only started publishing posts on my blog in August of 2018 so setting these goals meant I was brand new to the game (I still am).

I hope this year brings a lot in regards to this blog. I’ve set more modest goals and am focusing on the process of success.

What I’ll accomplish in 2020

As I write this at the beginning of December 2019 I’m just now finalizing my goals for next year. While these will be set in stone here soon I hope 2020 is a great one. One filled with progress on all fronts driven by discipline, hard work and being good to others.

More than anything I hope 2020 is filled with the things that matter: making memories and spending time with the ones I love.