109 Newsletter Recommendations and Why I Count on (some of) them for my news

If you know me or you know my blog I consume a ton of information. For instance, I consumed 38 books last year (I even recommended a few) and read several blogs.

I’ve detailed out why I consume so much information. I love to learn. However, a key reason why I continue pushing the envelope is because those that I want to emulate spend their time reading and learning. Specifically, they read several newspapers each morning to read and keep up on the news around the world. I just don’t have the time or money for newspapers. Below are my newsletter recommendations.

Newsletters are yesterday’s newspapers

A key part of what I spend my time reading are email newsletters. I love them for a few reasons.

  1. The vast majority of them are free. The newsletters make money by advertising to you so don’t expect you to pay.
  2. Typically they are extremely focused on a singular topic or type of information. Newsletters understand that they need to target to specific, niche audiences otherwise who will they market to and get readers to open their emails. Newspapers are so broad because they have to fill space and cover a variety of topics.
  3. I’m always finding new ones! It seems that email newsletters may be the new thing and several seem to have popped up recently.

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My news consumption strategy

Most people follow the news by visiting website and website throughout the day. I just don’t do that. I’ve already detailed out some of the apps and resources I use to consume information. However, I tend to keep moving towards getting my information from newsletters.

I will continue to use feedly to track several blogs and other resources. Outside of that newsletters are really my only source of news.

My Personal Recommendations

With only so much time in the day I try to keep it to a smaller number. Some of the newsletters I subscribe to are from blogs but I don’t do that very much. Here are the 5 newsletters I currently subscribe to. In all honesty this number has grown after researching this topic. There really are so many types and varieties out there. Here are my personal newsletter recommendations:

  1. Top Business Newsletter: Morning Brew. – If you want bite size updates on the news every morning in your inbox this is the newsletter to subscribe to. This is my top recommendation. If you aren’t subscribed to this you’ve got to give it a shot.
  2. Top Sports Newsletter: Axios Sports – If you want updates on the latest sports information every morning you’ve got to subscribe. My favorite thing about what Kendall has done is that he started this on his own and it recently just got bought. Its essentially one guy and his take on sports. Huge fan.
  3. Top Marketing Newsletter: Seth Godin – If you aren’t aware of Seth just check out his amazon author page. He has blogged every day for years and he just brings a different perspective to life. Short and sweet posts every morning.
  4. Top Business Newsletter: Pitchbook – I have a lot of interest in venture capital, private equity and business. If you are like me I’d stronly recommend subscribing to Pitchbook’s newsletter.
  5. Top Personal Finance Newsletter: Financial Samurai – This is the only newsletter I subscribe to in the personal finance space. I’m a huge fan of what Sam brings to the table. Very analytical, logical and always honest.

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Other newsletters I’ve come across

I didn’t just want to bring 5 newsletters to the table. I actually did quite a bit of research and came up with several more. To be honest, I signed up to the vast majority of these to at least try them once.

In my research and trials I actually subscribed to quite a few more of these because there are so many quality ones out there. Here are my top newsletters recommendations. I’ll give you the name, a link, and a quick blurb (whether by the newsletter itself or by me) to help you decide if you’d like to click.

Newsletter List

And here we go! I’ve done my best to separate by topic. Full Disclosure, some of these count as more than one. For example, Bloomberg offers several different newsletters. Where multiple are listed the link will take you to the summary page.


The Hustle: your smart, good looking friend that send you an email each morning with all the tech and business news you need to know for the day.

Nextdraft: the day’s most fascinating news from dave pell

Axios Newsletters (19 different topics): Axios has newsletters for nearly any topic. Maybe the most wide ranging set of options.


Strictly VC: receive a free daily email with everything you need to start your day. Plus, keep track of the companies and personalities that will shape the industry in the months and years to come. Let StrictlyVC be your very own venture capital concierge.

Femstreet: News on women in tech, entrepreneurship and diversity in venture capital, hand-delivered to your inbox.

LeanLuxe: Whether you work, own, invest, monitor, advise, or support today’s new luxury upstarts, Lean Luxe helps you keep score. Landing in your inbox two to three days weekly, we’re a big picture briefing on the businesses, personalities, and affairs driving the modern luxury marketplace.

Founder Weekly: A free weekly newsletter for entrepreneurs featuring best curated content, must read articles,
how to guides, tips and tricks, resources, events and more.


Fortune Magazine Newsletters (8 different topics): Stay on top of the ever-changing world of business. Our newsletters are filled with timely news, insights and analysis, and are easy to read on any device.

Harvard Business Review (14 different topics): stay connected to the best ideas in management

Fast Company (20 different topics):  you know Fast Company right. If you like their magazine I’d recommend checking these out.

Above the bottom line: Subscribe for weekly insights on the the world’s latest (ir)responsible corporate behavior. GIFs and snarkiness included.

Wall Street

MarketSnacks: the digestible daily newsletter that simplifies Wall Street. We filter out the noise and explain what’s important in one bite-sized snack – clear, condensed, and entertaining.

Bloomgberg (20 total topics): You know Bloomberg. All news all the time. I actually signed up for a few of these. Whoops!





1440: We Scour 100+ Sources So You Don’t Have To. Culture, Science, Sports, Politics, Business, And More – All In A 5-Minute Read.

Benedict Evans Newsletter: I send an email newsletter every Sunday with my notes for the past week – the news and links I thought were interesting and what they might mean, plus any new posts here. More info on Benedict Evans.


Cooper Press (12 total): We help developers, and the companies they work for, stay up-to-date via our variety of publications, across the web, social and by email.

Personal Finance

Money Under 30: Money Under 30 has everything you need to know about money, written by real people who’ve been there.

New York Times: Your Money: Every week, get tips on retirement, paying for college, credit cards and the right way to invest.

Rockstar Finance: How would you like the best personal finance posts from across the world emailed to you each weekday? At Rockstar Finance, that’s exactly what we do.

Camp FIRE Finance: Each day on Camp FIRE Finance we feature three personal finance articles that have been written by those seeking FI/RE, for those seeking FI/RE.  Sign up for Kindling below and we’ll email those posts to you each morning.

The Daily Worth: Financial media platform for professional women focusing on money and business.

Wise Bread: Enter your email address to subscribe to the first newsletter for the Personal Finance blogosphere.

Nerd Wallet:  The road to financial freedom starts here. NerdWallet’s investing experts guide the way with investing insights, tools and advice delivered monthly to your inbox.

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